Thursday, March 20, 2008

From Danielle.....

Greeting to all and I hope this email finds everyone in good health and good spirits. I am writing because I would like to take this opportunity to express how grateful my children and I are for everyone's support during this hard winter.

Since my daughter Clairese's car accident, my children and I have had a very hard time surviving. Although I have done a lot of beadwork, being without a vehicle it has been hard to get around even to sell my beading. I am truly grateful to all those, including some family members who have helped my children and I during this hard time in our lives.

I have been doing odd jobs cleaning houses and any other various activities that has allowed me to be able to take care of my children. Clairese started back to school in January of this year and is still catching up on all the school work that she missed due to her accident. Clairese does have further surgeries this upcoming summer and we are truly grateful she is still with us.

My youngest daughter Jolene was just accepted into the Junior National Honor Society and tonite, March 19th, at 7:pm she will be attending the induction ceremony at the Laffayette High School. Her siblings and I are very proud of her. Jolene also works on the Onondaga Nation School newspaper and has started to continue her work with "Indigenous Youth Wellness through Writing" program she started in 2005.

My son Preston will be graduating this year and is looking forward to going to college, again I am very proud of my children.

Anyhow, I wanted to let everyone, including my family, that we appreciate all the prayers and support. I wanted to also give thanks to people who have circulated the need of assistance for my children and I. I am grateful to have received a few beadwork orders along with the request for assistance.

Compassion is the base of the Great Law of Peace and that of the natural world, and again I am grateful and wanted to let people know we hold all those who help my children and I in our prayers.

May the creator watch over, guide and protect all those who walk the good road with compassion and love in their hearts.
Sken:non (Peace)
Danielle Schenandoah

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Thank You

A few words to thank Mr. Harvey Arden for sending out a plea for help for Danielle and her children. The response has been great.

And also to let everyone know that this blog is still active and the easiest way to send a donation to the Schenandoah Fund. Several people have recently donated and can expect a personal thank you from Danielle, but in the meantime Nie:wen ko'wah (thank you very much) for your concern and gift.

Please continue to keep the Schenandoah family in your thoughts. Spring is coming and with it hope for a better future for all people of the good mind. Check back for updates on the progress being made with your help.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Another Way to Help

These are examples of some of Danielle's beadwork. If you are interested in purchasing an item, please use the email address on this blog to contact her. Danielle's beadwork has been featured in museums and periodicals as she is considered to be among the best in the Haudenasaunee style of beading. She also does custom orders. No item is too big or too small. This is another way to help her support her family during these difficult times.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Update From Danielle

Sken^:kwo, greetings all,

I wanted to give a quick update and express my appreciation to all those who have learned of the current situation my family is faced with.

First, I would like to say Ny’wen (thank you) for all the prayers sent out for my daughter Clairese. I am very grateful she is still with us and healing. Clairese underwent another surgery on November 3rd 2007 at University Hospital in Syracuse NY. She has recovered nicely from that surgery. She has future surgeries and is working hard to get back to her old self again. She is still home bound but doing well with her speech therapy, physical therapy and occupational therapy three times a week. She is missing her social life and school. She is on the National Honor Society student and has been on the high honor rolls for many years.

My other two children Preston and Jolene are both doing well in school and they have been a huge help to their sister Clairese. We are all eager to celebrate Clairese’s 15 birthday this coming New Years Eve.

Clairese will not be released by her doctor until Feb. 2008. We are in hopes she will be able to return to school at that time. I am truly grateful for those who have donated and we are still struggling financially. The cost of gasoline is high and we have to pay for parking at each appointment and each therapy session each week.

Winter is upon us and I have been doing bead work. The only problem is I am usually able to sell my beading during the summer months. If anyone would like to contact me via mail or email, please feel free to contact us.

Again, I would like to say Ny’wen to all those who have helped and those who forward this information, as her path of healing is a lengthily process we have to endure. I will give another update as soon as possible and we are remaining strong through this rough time in our lives. We send you all good thoughts and prayers to you and your families.

Sken:non (peace)

Danielle Schenandoah-Patterson
PO BOX 114
Nedrow, NY 13120

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Upcoming Interviews

Danielle Schenandoah will be featured in a 1 hour interview on The People Speak Radio, November 6th from 8:30-9:30 pm eastern time. During this interview YOU the guest will have the opportunity to ask Danielle questions. You can either listen online at BBS Radio or join them live in their virtual auditorium via Paltalk Chat . They are located in the Social Issues category in the Government & Politics section. The room name is The People Speak.

On November 8th, Danielle will be speaking with Tiokasin Ghosthorse on First Nations Indigenous Radio on Pacifica Radio WBAI in New York from 10:00-11:00 am eastern time. 

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Update on donations

Today marks one week since this blog has been promoted and it has already been seen by over 450 people. That's 450 "unique" visits. Thank you very much to those of you who have taken a few minutes to send this link to everyone in your email contacts, and those of you who are spreading this by word of mouth.

As of today, there have been 5 donations. If everyone who has seen this blog could give even $1, there would be nearly enough to pay all back rent and assure this family continues to be together and have a home. If everyone contributed $5, her home could be winterized, and a new tank of propane could be purchased so they can stay warm. Winter is approaching quickly in upstate New York.

It is only the gravity of the situation that makes this blog necessary. This is temporary help for a native woman who has given much to the cause of human rights. It is our turn to help her. Once her daughter is able to care for herself again, Danielle will be able to get another job to support her family. And once more she will fight for justice, not only for herself but for all who are vulnerable in today's society.

Again, a big thank you for those of you who have asked how you can help, and those of you who have already generously given a donation. Danielle will be receiving a list of donors so she can send each of you a personal thank you, as is her habit. May you all find peace in your hearts and minds. Skennen.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Others Speak Up

From: Cathy Chadwick Ciccone
            Lenape Educator/Artisan
            Director of Education
            Museum of Indian Culture
            Allentown, PA.

My Path too, is before me. It is my solemn wish to be of service, and now a serious situation has presented itself, which I feel the need to make you aware of. Our teachings tell us it is not necessary to ask for anything....that the Creator knows our heart and mind, even our thoughts, before we think them. I Believe this to be true.

I am thankful for advise of the many wise and good People I have the privilege to call Friend.I finally realize an unselfish request allows others the choice to be of service, and so, becomes both a blessing and an asset to my own purpose.

It is through this Realization that I feel compelled to share this with you. A very good friend of mine, traditional Oneida, Danielle Schenandoah, has recently suffered yet another serious setback. To learn of their 15 year struggle and how they have been dis-enfranchised by their own nation for Speaking the Truth, please see:

Danielle was the first Native Woman, along with her then 10 year old daughter Jolene, to speak at the United Nations, addressing violations of Indigenous Peoples Rights,including Crimes Against Humanity. She is world-renown, highly respected, yet very humble and financially, poor.

Because Danielle and many of the Schenandoah family have been cut off by the corrupt Recognized Oneida Nation and their illegal multi-million dollar entity, Turning Stone Casino, (which employs only 1% native people) they receive no benefits or health-care and are slandered and labeled dissidents and criminals for crimes they did not commit.

It is a little known fact, the federal government often puts Native People of their choice who they feel they can control, in charge of Indian nations. All too often, these leaders do not have their People's interest at heart. This is against the very definition of Sovereignty, Our Traditions, and The Great Law. (Traditionally, Indians leaders and council's sole purpose is to serve their People.) More and more frequently, the lure of money turns these government-appointed puppets into dictators, as is the case with Ray Halbritter, government named, "Oneida Nation Leader for Life." That is akin to 'appointing', not 'electing' a United States President, granting them supreme, un-contested power, until they die! Yet, this very same federal government makes laws which rule they cannot interfere with sovereign nations, even when their appointed "Indian Officials" commit Crimes Against Humanity!

I know many of you will find this appalling at best, perhaps even unbelievable, but it is all true. The information is out there and legally documented as a matter of public record, if you know where to look. The government is hoping that you will not. The media is controlled, therefore very little of this information comes through to mainstream society. Our main means of apportion is the internet and word of mouth.

So: where is all this leading to? Danielle's 14 year old daughter, Clarisse, had a severe car accident in August, and we are grateful she is alive. Danielle must devote most of her time to Clarisse, (who requires total care) so is unable to work. This places a great burden on her other two children. She is an expert beadworker, and tries to sell her art, but without internet access or a working vehicle, this is near impossible. There is a dead-beat dad who has never supported his children, and when employed by the corrupt Oneida Nation, hid behind sovereignty, thereby immune from child-support laws. Sovereignty was never meant to be used in this way, against it's own people for the illicit benefit of the privileged, chosen few!!!

I am asking for help. Not for myself, but for Danielle, and her 3 children, Clarisse, Preston, and Jolene Schenandoah. They live in near-poverty, right here in our own backyard, in NY. If everyone who reads this could give even $1.00, then forward this to everyone they know, together, we can make a tremendous difference to a woman who has dedicated much of her life to her People, yet whose own family has suffered so much.

Of course, we believe in the power of prayer, and are continuously thankful and trust your prayers will continue. Creator gave each one of us a Good Mind, which we use to make wise choices. And so, using The Good Mind, I now take counsel of my many Good Friends and Family of Choice. Those who know me, know I do not do this lightly...I am asking for help. Please give what you can, and tell all you know.

Wanishi, Thank you,

Alanq'tindeyochqueu, Cathy Starfire Woman.

Enta awen keku luwet, pahkanchixtu welameweokan.
"Whenever a promise is made, it must always be kept."


Tuesday is the 1 week anniversary of the launch of this blog and we have already been seen by over 300 unique visitors and have received 5 donations. Nie:wen ko'wah (thank you very much) to those of you helping spread the word about the needs of this family.

There is now an email address for anyone who wishes more information on how they can help.
and for people to give personal thoughts about Danielle Schenandoah and the work she has and continues to do for native people. If any of you know Danielle personally and wish to comment on this blog, please use the email address provided.  

Word is getting out to various media outlets throughout North America and the world. Please take a moment to send the link to this blog to everyone in your contact list, no matter where they live. Paypal takes all currencies.

The hope is to raise enough money before the end of October to pay 4 months back rent and winterize the trailer. A leaky roof also needs fixing before the bitterly cold winter of upstate New York hits.

Thank you again, and please check back often for more updates.

Skennen! (Peace)

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Traditional Oneida Danielle Schenandoah and her family needs your help!

The Oneida Nation, like many other Native nations have been and are continuing to go through a transformation. The issue of casinos in our communities has sometimes placed our people at odds. Many traditionalists do not support casinos for economic development… this sometimes results in political conflict that has led to devastating consequences in their lives.

A very dear friend of mine, Danielle Schenandoah is a traditional Oneida woman and mother. She has been vocal against the casino being placed in her territory and for which she has paid heavily. Danielle has been ostracized and punished for speaking out against having a casino in her territory. Danielle is one of several traditional Oneida who were disenrolled. Since then this single mother and her 3 children have had their home bulldozed with the blessing of the United States government, and have had a constant struggle for years to remain together. They receive no insurance, [correction: Clarisse is receiving limited insurance coverage from the automobile accident] assistance, or other help from the Oneida nation. (see for the full struggle of the Oneida traditionals.)

One night at the end of August 2007, Danielle’s 14-year-old daughter Clarisse was in a serious car accident. The seat belt she was wearing most likely saved her life, but it did not save her from serious injuries. She suffered extensive injuries including a shattered pelvis, punctured lung, ruptured spleen, broken foot, split pallet, and broken facial bones and jaw. Within hours of being rushed to Syracuse University hospital, she underwent surgery to stop any internal bleeding. A couple of days later she went through a 12 hour surgery to begin to rebuild her shattered pelvis with new hip joints and plates and screws to bind bone back together. She faces further surgery to repair the bones in her face. She also requires extensive dental work since many teeth were damaged. As well, she requires plastic surgery down the road.

This accident has been a serious setback to the Schenandoah’s progress. Things had started to improve for the family last October when Danielle was able to buy a used trailer and rent land on the Onondaga Reservation. She found a job and enrolled her children in school where they excelled. They did not have much, but they were finally together in their own home. Then came the accident.

Clarisse has been sent home. She requires total care, being unable to bathe herself, and do the necessary things each day. She uses a walker to avoid pneumonia from inactivity, despite the pain. Since there is no medical insurance or financial resources, Danielle must now stay home to care for Clarisse. As a result, she is no longer able to work. With no income, they are now in danger of losing everything they fought so hard to get… their home, and most importantly, their life together. She has already been threatened to lose her children and if not for the generosity of some family (who are in the same situation with being disenrolled) they would have been removed from her home.

This is why this blog has been started. This single mother and her 3 children need your help to stay together and to cover the growing medical bills. Currently their car is in disrepair and it is getting harder to get Clarisse to the doctors for her many follow up visits and physical therapy appointments. They also have other mounting bills, they are a couple months behind on their land rent, their phone has been shut off, and getting food and clothing for growing children, is a constant worry.

As a close friend and sister of Danielle, I am appealing to those people out there who live the good mind. Please, if you are at all able, consider donating. ALL money will go directly to this family.

If you want to get involved please email